Obesity is a highly prevalent, costly, and a serious medical condition. In 2018, around 42% of Americans were obese. Americans today consume more calories than they did in the 70s. To top it off, they’re not big on exercising.

If your busy schedule is keeping you from working out, here are a few tips:

Turn your commute into exercise

Working from morning to afternoon might not leave you with any time to keep up with your fitness. However, you can try biking to your office if you work nearby. Biking is a healthy activity. It’s not only a good workout but also helps you save up on extra dollars that you use to pay for gas. It’s environmentally friendly too. It’s generally warmer in Sacramento these days—you might want to bring a change of clothes.

However, you can’t start biking to work every day. It’s a physically strenuous exercise, and you need to get your body accustomed to it. Start biking to work once or twice a week. Take it up slowly and gradually as your body gets adjusts to the change.

According to the experts at Harvard Medical School, besides weight loss, biking is also good for your heart and muscles. Pushing the pedals is an aerobic workout that triggers the release of endorphins. Similarly, pedaling is also a resistance activity. The activity pulls on the muscles, which, in return, pull on the bone. This helps enhance bone density.

Try shorter sessions

You don’t necessarily have to set aside 2.5 hours every day to focus on your fitness. No matter how busy you are, you can squeeze in a 10 to 15 minutes long workout session. Let’s be honest—you probably spend the same amount on time queuing up at Starbucks for a latte. 

As per the fitness experts at the New York Times, multiple short workout sessions bring about the same fitness benefits as a single, uninterrupted session. Briefer bouts are more beneficial for overweight or sedentary individuals. It helps them develop long-term adherence to the exercise program. 

According to another study published by the American Heart Association’s physical activity and public health guidelines, you need to engage in a 150-minutes prolonged moderately intense activity every week to reduce any risk of chronic diseases. However, you can break up the activity and exercise for around 30 minutes a day. If this doesn’t work, you can even carry out three 10 minutes-long sessions every day. The weight-loss benefits will be the same.

Seek professional help

If you don’t have too much time to exercise, you can always seek professional help from a weight loss specialist. Any medical treatment alone won’t help you shed those pounds miraculously. The specialist will suggest a holistic plan that also includes lifestyle changes and healthier eating habits. The doctor will also discuss your weight loss needs, history, and other health concerns before devising a tailor-made plan. Instead of a ‘crash diet,’ they’ll help you take up a long-term approach that keeps you from regaining excess weight.

If you’re based in Sacramento, book a consultation with the weight loss specialist at Natomas Family Practice through the online appointment scheduler. Here are the details.