Let’s talk about something that’s come to be a lot more controversial than it should be: vaccines.

These shots that we get as kids and through various stages of our lives have gotten quite a bad rap in the past few years, with the emergence of anti-vaccination propaganda and ‘research’ that suggests vaccinations cause conditions like autism and other health crises.

While there’s a lot that can be said in defence of these allegations, we’ll focus on some of the reasons why you should absolutely get your children immunized:

Immunity protects us against preventable diseases

We have worked very hard for decades to eradicate diseases that can be prevented. Many of these conditions have no cure and can be increasingly difficult to treat and manage, resulting in the loss of life of people with compromised immunity, pre-existing health conditions, disabilities and more. Conditions such as smallpox have only been eradicated because of vaccines because that is the goal immunization.

The aim is to use vaccines to strengthen our immune systems to fight against diseases and infections that are very preventable.

It’s very safe, tested, re-tested and closely monitored

Vaccines are developed after extensive research, testing, monitoring, and studying. It’s not easy to develop a vaccine and certainly not something to be taken lightly. 2020 and the COVID-19 outbreak has proven that to us, where even as of September 2020, there is no vaccine for the virus.

Vaccines that do exist have had immense success in preventing millions of deaths year after year, protecting children—and adults—across the world.

Vaccinations protect other people around you too.

Vaccines are important for another reason bigger than yourself: herd immunity.

You might have heard of this phrase, but what exactly does it entail? Herd immunity is a concept that helps us understand why skipping vaccines can do a lot more harm to others than you realize. There will always be people who cannot get vaccinated, including neonates, infants, who cannot get certain vaccines before they’re a particular age, as well as adults, and people with weakened immunity, chronic diseases and more.

It is a way of protecting people against transmittable infections, viruses and diseases that will spread faster when people stop getting vaccinated. We need to play our part in protecting the most vulnerable, including our children.

Immunization is crucial for children and adults too. If you’re looking for a reliable immunization specialist or pediatric specialist in Sacramento, contact us today.