Winter is here, which means most of us will spend more time indoors, eat more food during the holidays, and move less due to the cold weather. Studies show that people put on an average of 5 pounds during the fall and winter holiday season every year. An average American can gain up to eight pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

While it’s natural that your body would want to put on a little extra insulation to protect against the cold, shedding the excess winter weight can be a real hassle. The best thing you can do is to ensure proper weight management around the holiday season by maintaining healthy eating and lifestyle habits to prevent weight gain in the first place!

Check out our tops tips for avoiding winter weight gain here:

Watch What You Eat

You are what you eat! If you plan on stuffing yourself full of delicious Thanksgiving meals and Christmas treats this holiday season, you should be prepared for the inevitable weight gain that will follow. Watching what you eat, limiting your portions, and avoiding sugary foods or the ones full of fats and carbs will help you maintain your existing weight and avoid putting on extra.

Maintain Your Exercise Routine

Just because it’s the holiday season and you have tons of things to do, it doesn’t mean you can skip your daily exercise routine. Staying active and moving about is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. The crisp morning air in winter is perfect for jogging and doing some hill sprints. The fresh air will invigorate you and help you stay active throughout the day.  

Get Plenty of Sunshine and Rest

Getting plenty of sleep and sunshine is important during the winter season to stay healthy and avoid weight gain. An irregular sleep schedule and getting less sunlight during the day can affect the body’s natural sleep-wake cycles and have a significant impact on your appetite. Not getting enough daylight or rest hours can increase food cravings and will have you reaching for sugary foods and caffeine more often.

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