Many of us get caught up in our day to day routines and schedules, struggling to make time for ourselves and our health. It’s definitely challenging, to say the least when you’re working a desk job, caught up running a home, raising a family, and managing your responsibilities, social life, and much more.

But it’s equally important to focus on your health and wellness in every regard possible. From your vitals to your weight, to your activity levels, diet, mental and emotional well-being, it can be quite a lot to manage. In addition to medical services, we also help patients achieve their health and wellness goals through our weight loss and SculpSure specialist services.

Here are some expert tips to apply when you’re trying to get back on track:

1. Ease into your workouts

You might be tempted to jump right into the most intense, results-driven workout that’ll get you your dream body within two months—but hold on for a minute. If you’ve never worked out, or you’re getting back into it after a long break, your best bet is to get into it slowly but surely. You’ll thank yourself for easing into it because it’ll be easier on your joints, your energy levels, and you’ll find recovery easier too.

2. Focus on diet and nutrition

This is key because your diet is primarily responsible for your weight loss. While the 80/20 rule isn’t hard and fast, it’s pretty close to the picture of health. And this doesn’t mean you starve or restrain yourself completely; it simply means you find a healthy, balanced approach tailored to you. Work with our team to create a nutrition guide based on your needs, metabolism, and body chemistry to help you see more specific results.

3. Set realistic goals and aims

Goals and aims are important in helping us stay on track and keep ourselves in check. While it’s not realistic to expect a 50 lb. weight loss in 2 months, you can set a goal that is achievable, measurable, and focused. The more milestones and goals you hit, the better you feel about yourself. Steady progress is way better than rising and falling constantly.

4. Find a workout that you like

This cannot be stressed enough! Finding a workout that you like and enjoy is crucial. Don’t start running a marathon if you hate running, or hit the gym if you don’t like lifting. You can hike, take a dance class, join a yoga session, or do anything that keeps you moving for the better.

Let us help you achieve all your weight loss goals in the coming year! Work with our weight loss clinic in Sacramento, or seek SculpSure services that will help you find a wellness routine you like and stick to it. Reach out to us to know more.