Fortunately, medicine has come far since the days of smallpox, and you can foresee and prevent a lot just by letting family medicine specialists keep regular tabs on your overall health.

Preventing Late-stage Illnesses

Tumors go from benign to malign because the cancerous cells are allowed to grow. They hardly ever make their presence known—not until it’s too late anyway—and even when they do, we tend to confuse them with other pre-existing conditions.

For example, a benign brain tumor may give someone epilepsy seizures, and they might brush them off as an episode.

Early medical intervention doesn’t affect the quality of life, but treatment after the fact definitely does. Constant supervision and scans are necessary for the modern human to live a full and healthy life.

Saving on Healthcare

It doesn’t take a genius to know treatments such as surgical procedures, medication, and post-op care costs a whole lot more than periodic checkups that keep them at bay.

Compromised health might even lead you to take unpaid leaves, making it hard for you to make ends meet. Getting lazy on your health now might make your wallet lighter later.

Tackling Stress-related Physical and Mental Conditions

The financial market is not a literal market, but that does not make it any less real. In fact, every time it’s crashed, there have been more suicides than during any other time.

Woman Holding Her Hand in Front of A Laptop

Stress can be overwhelming and show up in the form of hypertension, depression, Alzheimer’s, asthma, mental disorder, and many other conditions.

Stay stress-free by paying regular visits to medical services near you; physicians can help by referring you to a psychiatrist or psychologist.  

Optimizing Overall Health   

Visiting medical clinics from time to time will ensure you remain in good form, with nutritional counselling and suggesting lifestyle changes to regulate your sleep cycles, among other things.

Following through on their recommendations may be your call, but we suggest you take them as doctor’s orders rather than advice. It will ensure you stay on your feet longer, which is everyone’s prerogative.

Medical Services for Regular Checkups in Sacramento

A healthy physical twice a year is just what you need to make sure you live your best life. Our family practice, run by physician duo Drs. Lau and Hwang will prevent impending diseases from making a home in your body by suggesting lifestyle changes, complete with supplements and changes to your diet to make sure you stay in tiptop shape.

So, call us or make an online appointment and benefit from our pediatric, general, and senior care services.