A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in women’s health, paying special attention to the female reproductive system. In the USA, a gynecologist can serve as a woman’s primary care physician.

Scheduling an appointment with an OBGYN can be an intimidating experience for many women, and this fear prevents them from going to see a doctor altogether.

From pap smears and mammograms to general annual checkups, OBGYN’s can help identify and prevent any life-altering diseases.

Pap Smears

If you’re above the age of 21, it’s recommended that you get a pelvic exam, especially if you experience pelvic pain, unusual vaginal discharge, menstrual disorders, and more. Pelvic exams are used to check for urinary and reproductive system abnormalities, and most women should get this done at least once a year.

Pap smears are a procedure used to screen for cervical cancer, and it’s recommended to get one done every couple of years as a preventative measure.

Birth Control

Women who are sexually active but want to take steps to prevent accidental or unwanted pregnancies should visit a gynecologist. They provide counseling sessions on safe sex practices and inform you of a variety of birth control techniques.

Some methods for birth control are more effective and reliable than others. Though a birth control pill requires a prescription, it isn’t recommended for everyone. Your gynecologist is a trained specialist who will perform several tests on you and check for underlying conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, or breast cancer, and then provide you with a reliable and safe means of birth control for your situation.


The most common reason to visit a gynecologist is pregnancy since most gynecologists are also obstetricians. They work with pregnant women throughout their pregnancy, childbirth, and even after delivery.

A pregnant woman holding her belly

Gynecologists perform several tests to ensure the health of the mother and baby. They also provide valuable information and counseling as you move forward with your pregnancy by assessing risk factors.

Your health should be your number one priority, which is why you should be visiting gynecologists annually. Natomas Family Practice has several trusted women’s health care specialists that can protect you from a number of illnesses by ensuring general health. A family practice based in Sacramento, we also have numerous urgent care services, senior care, immunization specialists, family medicine specialists, and more.

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