The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be felt by individuals of all age groups. It has disrupted life for adults, and children have been sparedeither.In this scenario, parents need to be more mindfulof their child’s health as well as emotional needs.

Here are a few ways you can keep your child’s health in check during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep your child physically active

While your child may not be taking in-person classes during the pandemic, you should make sure that they remain physically active throughout the day. Physical activity is known to improve children’s mental and physical health.The CDC recommends keeping your child physically active for at least 60 minutes a day.

Instead of letting them use their devices all day long, encourage them to participate in a fun activity with you. It can be anything from walking, jogging, swimming, or even board games requiring movements.

Keep your child socially connected

With schools shifting to remote learning, children have been unable to keep in touch with many friends they used to see regularly. Help them stay connected to their friends via video calls.

A child smiles after getting inoculated.

This will help address your child’s emotional and social needs, as prolonged disconnection with friends and family can lead to anxiety and depression. Staying connected also reassures them that they are not alone.

Don’t miss out on routine vaccinations

Unfortunately, many families missed out on their child’s routine immunizations in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. It is estimated that around 20 million children might have missed them.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding us, you should not miss your children’s routine vaccinations. It is important that you keep your children’s vaccinations up to date, as they protect against other serious diseasessuch as measles and rubella.

That’s why it is recommended that you take your child to an immunization specialist frequently. AtNatomas Family Practice, Dr. Patrick Lau takes care of all your child’s immunization needs. To protect your child against potentially dangerous diseases, get in touch with us at 916-928-0856.

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