The prevalence of junk food consumption has given rise to a major health problem known as obesity. In fact, obesity has tripled since 1975 globally!

Unfortunately,most global brands promote junk food consumption every day,and the general population is unaware of the damage it is causing to their bodies. The recent Cristiana Ronaldo Controversy shows us that global icons are also raising awareness about obesity.

Obesity doesn’t look like a serious disease since it presents health risks over a period of time. Let’s explore some of these health risks here.


Unhealthy eating habits is one of the major causes of Type II diabetes. This disease is known to be one of the major contributors to the US death rate. Insulin is a common medication used in diabetes treatment,but Type II diabetes makes you insulin-resistant. In the long run, type II diabetes also leads to heart diseases and blood pressure issues.

This can be prevented by following a balanced diet and staying active through exercise. You can also join local weight loss centers where professionals can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Heart Disease

Obesity can lead to many cardiovascular issues, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and metabolic syndrome.

An increased body mass index can cause blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

Decreased Quality Of Life

One of the significant consequences of obesity that’s often neglected is its impact on quality of life. Obesity impacts psychosocial health and self-esteem. These individuals may internalize feelings of stigmatization and feel shame about their size and eating habits.

Fight Obesity Now

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