Not all heart problems exhibit clear warning signs. The symptoms may not always occur in your chest because of which it’s difficult to determine the root cause.Though there is a different treatment prescribed for every heart problem most of them share similar symptoms.

Individuals who are overweight, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol should consult their family medicine specialist about anything that might be heart-related. 

Learn to recognize warning signs that signal heart disease. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you need urgent care services.

1. Chest Discomfort

Chest discomfort is the most common sign of heart disease. You are likely to feel the pain and pressure on your chest when having a heart attack. The sensation usually lasts a little longer than few minutes. It may happen while resting or doing physical activity because of a blocked artery.

If the pain is brief and there’s only a spot that hurts by touching, then it’s probably not related to your heart.  

2. Nausea, Heart Burn and Indigestion

Some people may vomit while having a heart attack. Women report this symptom more often than men.

You can get heartburn after eating spicy food but you should still be aware of it as a warning signal of a heart attack.

If you have a blocked artery, don’t ignore indigestion and inform your doctor about it.

3. Pain that Spreads to Your Arm

Pain spreading to the arm is another common symptom of heart disease. It usually begins from the chest and radiates outward. Arm pain in patients with heart disease or blocked arteries usually signals a heart attack. 

4. Lightheaded Feeling and Quick Exhaustion

You are likely to have a dizzy head or pass out if you didn’t have your breakfast or drank less water. However, if you suddenly feel unstable, lightheaded, and have shortness of breath, call your doctor right away. This could also mean low blood pressure because of the inability of your heart to pump blood normally.

Moreover, unexplained weakness and extreme exhaustion for days can be a symptom for heart disease. If you suddenly feel fatigued climbing stairs unlike before, consult with your doctor without delay.

It’s for your safety that healthcare professionals recommend you not to ignore any symptoms of heart disease. Book an appointment with our most experienced family healthcare specialists in California at Natomas Family Practice. For more information give us a call today!