Tooth decay and gum disease are the most common causes of dental pain. An infection of the gums or the tooth can also cause pain. Or your child may have a tooth that is either cracked or broken.

Providing instant dental care for your child is the ultimate solution. A dentist will find out the root cause of the pain and prevent tooth or gum diseases. Moreover, care at home may also relieve your child’s oral discomfort.

Follow-up care plays an integral part in your child’s oral treatment and safety. Be sure to schedule regular appointment’s with your child’s care specialist

Help Them Floss and Brush

Help your child remove food particles trapped between their teeth. Teach them how these particles can cause infections and pain if not cleaned. Remember to be gentle while flossing because children’s gums are quite sensitive.

If they are struggling with flossing due to pain, consider buying a water floss for kids. Water floss uses a stream of high-pressure to remove food debris which cannot be removed otherwise.

Salt Water Rinse

Warm up a small cup of water and add about a teaspoon of table salt to it. Stir the solution and have your child rinse with it for almost 30 seconds and spit. Saltwater has anti-bacterial properties which will kill the bacteria in and around the infected area. If done multiple times a day, rinsing with salt water can speed up the healing process. 

Use Clove Oil

Don’t rub aspirin on your child’s gum under any circumstance as it is acidic and may cause burns. Use the anti-microbial clove oil as the best topical treatment and home remedy. Slightly dip a cotton swab into the oil and gently dab it on the affected area for temporary pain relief.

Call your Child’s Care Specialist

Home remedies only provide temporary relief. To get to the root cause of the pain, it is important to take your child to a pediatric care specialist. A healthcare professional will identify the kind of treatment required. Your child may need a filling, root canal, or extraction in the worst-case scenario.

Oral treatment of a child

If your child is having extreme pain accompanied by fever and fatigue, call your pediatrician without delay. Even if the pain goes away, schedule regular appointments once every month until the main issue is resolved. 

At Natomas Family Practice, we offer a range of comprehensive treatments for children. Our experienced pediatric specialists understand your concerns and the child’s needs. If your child needs a check-up, contact us to book an appointment today!