The journey to weight loss is by no means easy. The road to achieving the body of your dreams can be filled with hurdles and bumps. It requires years of patience, consistency and undeniable focus.

For most people dedicating this time and effort, along with their hectic daily routines,can be challenging. Their jam-packed routine leaves them no time to take care of their physical health and well-being. But does a successful career really have to come at the expense of your fitness goals? Not quite. Nowadays, we have several procedures out there that can assist in weight loss and fat shedding. And no, we don’t mean scary needles, injections or surgery!

What is SculpSure Laser Therapy?

SculpSure is a brand-new addition to the family of body contouring and shaping treatments. Cynosure.Inc developed this revolutionary treatment, which was approved by the FDA in 2017. It is an entirely safe, noninvasive treatment that aims to reduce stubborn fat through the use of lasers. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure requires no incisions or anesthesia. Essentially, little to no recovery time is needed as there is negligible discomfort with zero bleeding. As it provides a visibly slimmer, natural looking appearance, SculpSure has gained massive popularity over the recent years. Celebrities, in particular, consider this treatment an integral part of their red-carpet preparations.

Reasons to select Sculpsure therapy

What Happens in a Consultation?

The procedure happens in person at the doctor’s office. It is extremely convenient as there is no disruption of the skin’s surface and you’re likely to get done within an hour.

During the consultation, your practitioner will inquire about the areas of the body you plan to slim down. A treatment plan and schedule will then be created accordingly. The frequency and duration of each visit depend on the amount of work required to attain your goal. Your doctor will also you to avoid drugs and painkillers that may thin down blood for a few days before the procedure. This helps to minimize scarring during and after the procedure.

How Does SculpSure Remove Unwanted Fat?

There are certain parts of the body where fat accumulates easier than the rest. No matter how hard you try, the fat in these troublesome areas just won’t budge. SculpSure uses a heat laser belt that utilizes targeted light-based technology to destroy fat cells in the desired region. Heat and lasers of specific wavelengths are used with direction and precision to eliminate the stubborn fat.

Once you’re comfortably seated, your practitioner will mark the areas of the body to be worked on. The SculpSure laser belt will be wrapped around your body. The device delivers 1060 nanometer diode lasers through its applicators. Once the laser has reached a temperature of 107.6 and 116.6°F, it’ll be hot enough. It will melt the fat cells in the target region without disrupting the skin or the tissues underneath. Scientifically speaking, this happens via the process of Apoptosis. The heat causes the fat cells to shrink, which are then flushed out from the body as waste. However, this is a gradual process that will take place over the next several weeks.

Although research regarding the effects of this procedure is still ongoing, barely any side effects have ever been reported. Initially, after the treatment, you may experience some stiffness or soreness. But with a little massage, this issue can be easily dealt with.

Keep in mind that this treatment isn’t a solution for obesity. SculpSure uses non-invasive lipolysis to alter and shape any parts of the body that may be a source of insecurity. It is by no means intended as a weight loss option. At Natomas Family Practice, we have professionals with years of experience in the field of laser therapy. Our professionals receive special training to gain expertise in using SculpSure devices, ensuring patient satisfaction and well-being.