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To expedite the registration process, please download and print out the New Patient Packet and fill out the forms before your first appointment:
When it comes to weight loss, the best approach is a personalized approach — one that works with your metabolism and body chemistry. Natomas Family Practice in Sacramento, California, helps patients find the weight loss plan that works the best for their unique situation. Under the guidance of doctors, our weight loss specialists can help you lose extra weight while maintaining good health. To get started, call or book an appointment online, and we will provide you with the best weight loss program suited to your lifestyle.

Our Mission

Weight loss doesn’t just help you look better, it also benefits your whole body in a significant way. Some of these benefits include:
Decrease in blood pressure
More energy
Improved sleep
Fewer headaches
Reduced chance of health problems like heart disease and diabetes
Reduced risk of injury
Achieving a healthy weight means that your whole body wellness improves.
Natomas Family Practice prides itself on providing comprehensive care for all patients in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Natomas Family Practitioners are committed to the principles of honesty, respect, and compassionate care. Our weight loss specialists provide their patients with a personalized approach and will help you with your weight loss needs. These include weight loss tips, nutrition, and supplementation so that you can live a healthier lifestyle and feel more confident.

Our weight loss clinic in Sacramento, CA has a dedicated team to help with weight management and ongoing support for healthy eating habits and effective exercise. Our comprehensive approach includes nutritional counseling sessions, registered dietary advice, supplements and fitness programs.

Change Your Eating Habits

How we eat can be a huge determinant of our health. When you change your eating habits you can dramatically improve your health and overall well-being. The more nutritious, whole foods we eat, the healthier our bodies and brains will function. It is important that the food we consume be: (1) nutritionally complete, and (2) wholesome. A healthy and nutritious diet may include things like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein foods such as lean meats, seafood, eggs, and nuts.


Are You Getting Enough Physical Activity?

Physical activity is another key component to maintaining a healthy weight and reducing your chances of becoming obese. This includes cycling, running, swimming, and walking. You must get sufficient exercise throughout the day to not only maintain your health but also prevent obesity. Natomas Family Practice has a weight loss doctor that will work to create a weight loss plan based on your nutrition, lifestyle, and physical activity.


Why Choose Natomas Family Practice for Your Weight Loss Plan in Sacramento, CA?

Natomas Family Practice provides its patients with the highest quality health care services and care. We understand that finding the best doctors in Sacramento who have the expertise in dealing with weight loss is important when reaching your health goals. Our team will do everything possible to ensure you get the best results from your weight loss plan.

If you require a weight loss specialist in Sacramento who can effectively advise you in all aspects of weight management including dieting, exercising, and other lifestyle changes, then you've come to the right place. Book a consultation with our Weight Loss Specialist through the online appointment submissions or call the Natomas Family Practice anytime to learn more about medical weight loss.


What are the health benefits of weight loss?

Weight loss has many benefits, and achieving a healthy weight means that your whole-body wellness improves. Some of these benefits include:

  • Decrease in high blood pressure

  • More energy

  • Improved sleep

  • Fewer headaches

  • Reduced chance of health problems like heart disease and diabetes

  • Reduced risk of injury


What diet plan is best for weight loss?
At Natomas Family Practice, the doctors tailor weight loss plans for your specific needs. After discussing your previous weight loss efforts and results, your weight history, and your health concerns with you, the doctor designs a weight loss plan that works well for you.

Patients are most successful when they take a long-term approach to weight loss and wellness rather than a “crash diet” mentality. While crash diets may appear to be successful for brief periods, most patients end up gaining back even more weight in the long term. If you make positive changes in the way, you eat and put those changes into effect for a lifetime, you can enjoy slow and steady weight loss and results that last.
Do I need to take medication to lose weight?
While medication isn’t necessary to lose weight, it may be useful under certain circumstances. If you’re qualified to take weight loss medications based on your body mass index and overall health, the doctor discusses the options with you. Some patients can also benefit from certain supplements on their weight loss journey, which the doctors recommend based on their needs.
How long must I be on a weight loss plan?
This varies by patient, but it’s important to realize that successful weight loss requires lifestyle changes and a new, healthier way of eating. Once you achieve your weight loss goals, you may be able to modify your diet somewhat, but you should always keep up a consistent exercise regimen and keep up with healthy eating habits.

Insurance Requirements

We take most PPO’s, Hills Physicians, Sutter Independent Physicians, Medicare as well as other insurance.
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • It’s exactly the empathetic, kind, gentle, honest care that my husband, son, and myself have all experienced, and have been looking for!
    - Daniel H.
  • Dr. Hwang is by far the best doctor my family and I have ever had. He’s attentive, compassionate, and very proactive.
    - Jill M.
  • He is the kindest Doctor I have ever found!! Dr. Hwang is compassionate, an excellent listener, smart, and dedicated to helping people.
    - Dawn S.
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