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As you age, your body undergoes a tremendous amount of change and your standard of care may increase as a result. This is completely normal, but it means that you need an experienced family practitioner who understands the physical changes that senior citizens face. Dr. Patrick Lau and Dr. Steve Hwang at Natomas Family Practice in Sacramento, California, provide compassionate senior care, and as family medicine specialists, they can also care for the whole family. Call or book an appointment online to learn more.

Senior Care Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main health issues that seniors face?
As your body ages, a number of changes occur, both inside and out, that require vigilant monitoring. With regular wellness visits, you’re better prepared for any health issues that may arise, and it’s a great time to learn about preventive care. Some of the health issues that seniors may face include:
Heart disease
Broken bones, due to decreased bone density
Respiratory illnesses, including bronchitis
While you can’t avoid all aging-related ailments, you can be better prepared to deal with health issues if you practice preventive care and proper management of chronic illnesses.
What happens during a senior wellness exam?
Senior wellness exams with Dr. Lau or Dr. Hwang are designed to evaluate your whole body health and wellness. Because each patient is different, the doctors personalize senior wellness exams to make sure that they monitor all ongoing and chronic issues. A senior wellness exam usually includes:
Blood pressure and pulse check
Height and weight measurements
Blood tests to check your blood glucose and electrolytes
Evaluation of heart function
Check of your motor and cognitive functions
During a senior wellness exam, the doctors discuss all current and prior medical conditions with you, which includes a review of your medications, and adjustments or additions to them, if needed. If you use any medical devices, the doctors discuss those with you, and they can check to make sure your device is functioning properly.
How often should I schedule a senior care visit?
Seniors should have wellness visits at least once a year. If you experience any health issues between annual visits, contact Natomas Family Practice to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. The doctors can help you treat or effectively manage most of the health issues that seniors face, but prompt attention to each issue is vital. For example, a deep cough can soon become pneumonia if not treated, and pneumonia is potentially fatal to a senior with a weak immune system.

To maintain the best health possible, keep up with your annual senior wellness visits and see Dr. Lau or Dr. Hwang whenever new health problems arise. Use the online appointment scheduler or call Natomas Family Practice to arrange your next senior wellness visit.

Insurance Requirements

We take most PPO’s, Hills Physicians, Sutter Independent Physicians, Medicare as well as other insurance.
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • It’s exactly the empathetic, kind, gentle, honest care that my husband, son, and myself have all experienced, and have been looking for!
    - Daniel H.
  • Dr. Hwang is by far the best doctor my family and I have ever had. He’s attentive, compassionate, and very proactive.
    - Jill M.
  • He is the kindest Doctor I have ever found!! Dr. Hwang is compassionate, an excellent listener, smart, and dedicated to helping people.
    - Dawn S.
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